Near East Colleges that prepare their students to compete with the world are ready for the new education period with its Nicosia, Yeniboğaziçi and Kyrenia campuses!
Date Added: 05 September 2022, 18:38
Last Updated Date:06 September 2022, 08:18

The Near East Colleges including Near East College, Near East Yenibogazici College and Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College, which spread the quality of education to every part of the TRNC, are ready for the new education period. Near East Colleges, which have achieved significant success in international exams such as IGCSE, IELTS, Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge International, and YKS, aim to maintain the same success in the new education period. In the Near East Colleges, which are only a few days away from meeting with their students, registrations for the new term continue.

<We equip our students with competencies to compete with the world.
Asım İdris, Head of Secondary Education of Near East Colleges, drew attention to the rapid transformation in the world and said, "In today's world, where borders are rapidly becoming transparent, we have to train a type of person who can easily adapt to this rapid change, who can change himself in line with the changes around him, and who can stand against all changes." Stating that the most important equipment required at this point is a foreign language, Asım İdris said, "We train our students as individuals who have a good command of a foreign language, have a scientific mindset and can use information technologies at a high level." İdris said, “With this perspective, we have renewed our secondary school curriculum. We pay special attention to areas such as computers, ICT and coding. We have embedded the curricula of Cambridge University into our own curricula and are following them.”

IGCSE and YKS options together!
Stating that they support their students to determine the right path for their future with the Academic Counseling Center, Asım İdris said, “Two of our expert friends work in our Academic Counseling Center apart from the guidance service. Thus, we start working in the secondary education process in order to find the appropriate country, university and department according to the wishes, abilities, successes of the students and the wishes of the families. In order to achieve this, we have created elective courses suitable for students instead of stereotypical courses starting from the 9th grade. Together with the children and their families, we determine which field they want to study in the future and evaluate their abilities and success, and make the course selection in the light of these data. For the IGCSE exams, we provide the opportunity to choose the appropriate course from 18 different courses. There are 18 different course options only at the Near East College in the TRNC."

At the Near East Colleges, continuing their education in the TRNC or Turkey instead of abroad is an important option for students. Reminding that colleges usually offer only one of the GCE and YKS options, İdris said, "The fact that the Near East College has both GCE and YKS options on the Nicosia campus provides a great option and advantage compared to the passports and future plans of the children."

Besides academic success, sports and culture also play the leading role!
Asım İdris said that they opened up areas where students can discover themselves and socialize as well as their academic development, and stated that Near East College students take part in 36 branches in the sportive events carried out by the Ministry of National Education. At the same time, the clubs that are active within the school offer a rich socialization area to the students. Stating that they ensured the participation of students in many activities outside the TRNC, Asım İdris stated that they organized two trips for his students to see NASA and CERN Laboratory on site before the pandemic process, and that they held a space camp in İzmir for younger age groups. İdris also said that they will continue to organize such organizations for students that provide opportunities to have very important experiences.